Our Team

Audrey Gavin


Audrey Gavin is an irreplacable member of our staff. She leads Sunday School, Bible Study and Evangelism. Sis Audrey can always be found praying for and with our neighbors in the community and still finds the time to mentor the young women of NewLife.

Ashley Jackson


Ashley Jackson is a pillar of our staff and Church. She serves as our Treasurer and although all of her duties are behind the scenes, her reliability and consistency to her duties are valuable assets to the NewLife church operations.

Brandy Cole


Brandy Cole's witty and funny attitude is a perfect match to lead our Hospitality team. She is always thinking of ways to brighten the environment of our church and she pours her passion and work ethic into every event.

Randi Taylor


Randi's passion and commitment to the church is a vital resource to keeping us on track. In her role as Church Administrator she is dedicated to consistent communications with all internal and external key personnel.